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With our reset program, we help people achieve long-term freedom from pain in the shortest possible time. A modern and holistic treatment approach without injections, medication or surgery.



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The „3-pillar“ system




Together. Hand in hand. .

Pain is an alarm signal! If you have pain, you should not only treat the symptoms. After treatments for a disease, many questions often remain unanswered. What are the additional effects, how can I influence my life/illness positively?

With sport to balance everyday life, fitness is quickly achieved again. The body is appropriately supplied with oxygen, muscles are built up, mobility is promoted, internal stress is reduced.
This contributes to physical and mental health.

You usually gain weight slowly and steadily, you often carry it around with you for years and thus damage or endanger your own body. Quality of life is limited.

Time pressure, pressure to succeed, responsibility, always having to function, job insecurity, bullying, emotional stress. Everyday stress has many causes. Constant, negative, everyday stress affects the quality of life of many people.

The experience of the concept shows that by including all health-promoting modules, an enormous increase in quality of life can be achieved. Pain-relieving forms of therapy, exercise, relaxation methods and nutrition have an equal effect on the physical system.

MedicalSports’ Reset program was developed by health expert Kevin Maglia. It is based on his years of experience as a therapist and his studies in osteopathy and alternative medicine, as well as in close collaboration with physicians.

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powerful life.

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Prof. Nixdorff

Dear patients, my name is Dr. Daniel Stosch and I am a specialist in surgery, trauma surgery, hand surgery, and orthopedics. I enjoy working with the MedicalSports team because I believe that cooperation among all healthcare providers can be very beneficial for the patient. When everyone is on the same page, pain can be quickly alleviated, and good care is ensured. With my extensive training at the university hospital, I have a wide range of knowledge and experience to provide the best possible treatment for my patients.

As a conventional medicine practitioner, you can expect thorough diagnostics and scientifically grounded treatment options from me. I always strive to explain my treatment recommendations to the patient in a transparent and understandable manner. This way, I can discuss the most suitable treatment strategies with the patient. The success of my approach can be verified through patient reviews on platforms such as Jameda and Google. I look forward to your visit.


Prof. Nixdorff

Successful preventive medicine is evidence-based and builds on scientifically proven foundations to improve the prognosis. Today, this no longer relates just to life expectancy, but above all to quality of life (so-called DALYs = “disability-adjusted life years”). The aim is not only to give more years of life, but also to bring more life to those years. The empathy of the preventive medicine practitioner represents a further key success factor, because science alone (for example in the form of a dry theorist) is not enough to motivate an individual to modify their lifestyle. Personality, rather than just a person, is needed. Together with emotion, this is what generates motivation, which in turn is essential for success. Mr. Maglia is a professional example of this: In founding his “MedicalSports”, he embodies this preventive medicine personality. He integrates complementary approaches such as osteopathy and general alternative medicine into well-founded basic structures, always after establishing the medical findings and getting to know the people who turn to him and his team personally. A tailored concept is thus created for each individual case – something we consider essential today in Personalized Medicine. Accordingly, I enjoy collaborating with him in my work with the Cardiology Practice and European Prevention Center (EPC) (Check-Up Medicine). The positive feedback from referrals confirms the benefits of this cooperation.

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