Kevin Maglia



Medical fitness training expert


As the founder and developer of the MedicalSports Reset program, my vision is to help everyone live a healthy and pain-free life. A life without injections, medication or surgery. In doing so, I see the body as a holistic system.

The story behind my vision - MedicalSports

I have been extremely active since my early youth and have done a lot of different sports, e. g. martial arts , soccer and especially fitness.

One thing always struck me. People were looking for advice and tips on how to do exercises correctly, because they could not reach their goals despite their efforts. Here, the topic of pain played a major role. Pain after operations, due to bad posture or movement restrictions due to too little movement. The conversations were always the same: doctor’s visits, therapy, and then – ? – you were alone and the pain was back.

These often very personal and emotional conversations set me on my path- the path of helping people who did not reach their health goals because they were ultimately left alone with their questions, without accompaniment and guidance. I felt sorry for the people who were sent from one expert to another, who desperately tried to change their lives positively through sports and diets and probably had to spend a lot of money in the process. The path to change this has taken some time.

A maturing process to the optimal end product: A health concept as it should be!

After years of working in fitness studio chains and physiotherapy practices, after observing orthopedists and gaining impressions in hospitals, I realized and saw every day how many people did not get the help they actually needed. Everyone was doing their best, but there was often a lack of time, staff, the right know-how and sometimes just the right dedication and a little empathy.


The team

Cosimo Minervini

Who can claim to have turned their hobby into a profession? I can! As a passionate athlete, I enjoy helping clients achieve their goals in such a dynamic company with a great atmosphere. MedicalSports offers a unique concept with great and competent trainers and helps people to regain their full performance in the long term. At MedicalSports, I am responsible for the commercial control and management in addition to personal training.

Martina Tenckhoff

It is important to me to work in a place where the customer isn‘t has a name! At MedicalSports, a personal and appreciative approach is practiced. As a team, we work hand in hand in exchange, so that every customer gets the best care for them. My desire as a nutritionist, relaxation educator and masseuse is to help people live healthy and stress-free lives. This is supported at MedicalSports by allowing me to work individually and discreetly without time pressure.

Damiano Cammarosano

Med. personal trainer
Studio Manager Herderstraße

Fitness and sport is my passion! That is why I have made it my business to pass on this passion to other people and to accompany them on their way to complete well-being. A life without fitness and sports would therefore be out of the question for me. At MedicalSports I can fully live out my passion alongside my studies in osteopathy and alternative medicine.


Claudia Maglia

Health-promoting sport is my top priority. My focus is on training that strengthens the muscles of everyday movements evenly. As a trained medical expert, I know how important correct training is in order to be able to move without pain. So I have combined my training content and medical expertise in my work as a personal trainer. The concept of MedicalSports contains my philosophy and enables me as a personal trainer to pass on my skills to many people. It is always a pleasure to see how customers with orthopedic pain find their way back to a healthy, pain-free life.

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Kristina Langenfurth

Physiotherapist / Senior Partner

In my many years of professional experience as a physiotherapist, I have seen ist confirmed again and again that many patients need more than just therapy and exercise. The stress of everyday life makes most physical problems heal more slowly, or even become chronic. To support my therapeutic approach, I provide my patients with the necessary rest during my treatment. I like working at MedicalSports, because here my point of view is supported and the whole team is sympathetic and very reliable.


David Küch

Osteopath and physiotherapist
Senior partner

For me, the human being in its entirety is the center of attention. Therefore, I am part of the holistic health concept of MedicalSports out of conviction. I have made it my business to sense dysfunctions in the skeleton, the myofascial system and organs and to solve them in a targeted manner using manual techniques. In this way, pain is relieved and your health is promoted.


Marcel Gallucci

Sports and Wellness Masseur & Med. Personal Trainer

As a competitive athlete and IFBB Mens Physique Athlete, my biggest challenge is to be able to deliver maximum performance at the right moment. The human body fascinates me with its possibilities and unlimited potential. My goal is to help people achieve higher performance in training and everyday life through MedicalSports. Above all, I work with my clients to achieve their physical and aesthetic ideal. As a trained masseur and through my wellness massages, I provide adequate recovery and relaxation time for my clients after a strenuous strength training session.


Semih Yıldız

Health and mobility of the human physique are of special importance to me. For this, MedicalSports is the perfect place to transfer this knowledge. As a medical personal trainer, my task is to eliminate the respective issues of our clients and subsequently increase and maintain strength and athleticism exponentially.


Mario de Oliveira

As a physiotherapist and athlete, the holistic treatment of my patients is very important to me. That is why I fully support our MedicalSports concept. Functional diagnostics, the targeted treatment of causes and stabilization of the regained freedom from pain through the right training characterize my work.


Tom Sauer

As a Crossfit athlete, it is important to me to view each body as a holistic and functional system. I have been successfully transferring this philosophy to my patients for more than 4 years, so that fundamental movement patterns, which have been lost through decades of incorrect posture, can be reproduced easily and efficiently in everyday life as well as in sports.

What makes us special

MedicalSports is a centrally located, family-run practice in Düsseldorf. The premises are of a high standard, and comfortably furnished inviting you to leave your everyday life behind.

The well-being of our customers is taken care of at all times. Our services such as free drinks, fruit and use of towels are gladly accepted. Shower utensils and hair dryers are available in the large, modern bathrooms. Cleanliness is a matter of course, including the hygiene of the high-quality training equipment. The training area is bright and well ventilated. We ensure a high level of discretion at all times. The entire practice is barrier-free, the elevator stops directly in front of the entrance. 

Personal training is based on medical expertise. Your therapy will be provided by experienced and qualified therapists. If you wish, we can also cooperate with your doctor. Training and therapy are available seven days a week at flexible times. We can also hold your sessions at your.