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Home visits in and around Düsseldorf!
Mobile physiotherapy, physical therapy and
medical personal training at your home!

Health and sports are our passion
Our team of qualified personal trainers, sports scientists, osteopaths and physiotherapists is there for you around Düsseldorf, Neuss, Meerbusch, Ratingen and Erkrath.

Tailored to your needs, we give training and therapy sessions and advise you on nutrition to promote a healthy lifestyle. With us, you have a competent and reliable partner at your side who will happily support you in achieving your personal goals and help you regain your full quality of life.

And best of all:

At home

Therapy and medical personal training in the comfort of your own home is an optimal way to work with your therapist on your small and large fitness goals and health objectives.


Whether individuals or groups, our personal trainers will work out with you in your office space and tailor the intensity to your needs. We also offer corporate concepts. Talk to your boss. We would be happy to present our company concept to you on request.

In our practice

Our therapists welcome you in our state-of-the-art practice in Düsseldorf, where we have a wide range of training equipment.


Our trainers work with you in the fresh air - in your garden, in the park or by the Rhine. Whether it's functional training, running training or mother-child training - we'll find the right thing for you.

On your sports field

Our personal trainers guide you in team and endurance training on the sports field in your area to improve your personal fitness level.

Q&A about Mobile Physiotherapy and Training Support

No! Our therapists bring everything needed to provide good care in your home. From a massage table to exercise equipment and a towel, we have everything for you.

The cost of personal training depends on various factors. We would be happy to advise you and provide you with an offer that is just as individual as the training itself.

Therapy and training can take place anywhere. Tell us the place of your choice and our team will take care of you exactly there – whether at home, in the office or in the park – wherever you wish.

Personal training is also possible as “pair training” or in small groups.

Our trainers follow strict hygiene guidelines and wear mouth-nose protection

During our introductory session, you and your therapist will first have a 30-minute medical history discussion. This includes your goals, wishes, your athletic background and possible health particularties – in other words, all aspects that we need to know about for the optimal design of your training or therapy. This is followed by a sample training and therapy session bso that you can get an impression of how the personal support will be carried out at your home.

Satisfied customers & patients

Your advantages at a glance


We are specialized in home visits


The duration of therapy is a full 60 minutes


We usually assign appointments within a few days


We are friendly and very accessible


Therapy in the evening and in the home environment


Relief in case you can not be mobile

Prices & Booking

120,00 Euro or 110,00 Euro with prepayment

In advance

1. We do not have a contract with a health insurance company, so we are a private practice. This means we bill you directly as the patient and you submit it to your insurance company for reimbursement.

2. The duration of therapy is 60 minutes.

Prices for payment with payment term or prepayment

1. If you wish payment at the end of the therapy, e.g. after the 10th session, you will receive an invoice from our billing company with a payment term of 4 weeks. Der Preis pro Therapiestunde (60 Minuten) beträgt in dem Fall 120,00 Euro.

2. Alternatively, you can pay for your therapy in advance. Hier liegt der Preis bei 110,00 pro Therapiestunde (60 Minuten).

3. In any case, you will receive a proper invoice after the treatment, which you can submit to the insurance company.

Treatment options - with or without prescription:

1. In normal cases (treatment due to an illness), you present us with a prescription from your doctor. Das gilt auch, wenn Sie die Rechnung nicht bei Ihrer Krankenversicherung einreichen. Es gelten oben genannte Preise. Mehrwertsteuer fällt nicht an.

2. If you have no complaints, but preventive, so without a doctor's prescription, this is of course also possible.

We do not charge extra for arrival and departure. You can also book hours individually.

How much does my health insurance cover?

Our services are fully or partially reimbursed by your private health insurance. We will be happy to advise you personally on this.

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Kevin Maglia
Naturopath, Osteopath, Medical fitness training expert 

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Kevin Maglia
Naturopath, Osteopath, Medical fitness training expert