The Reset Program from MedicalSports

A healthy and pain-free life for everyone with the Reset Program from MedicalSports. A modern and holistic treatment approach without injections, drugs or surgery.

Three-pillar course: Pain relief – Reset – Sports and Prevention

Our program is designed to get to the root cause of pain symptoms, resolve them and restore the body to full performance. In doing so, the body is viewed as a whole, interacting system. If you have been suffering from pain for a long time or arestruggling with the consequences of an illness, you know that the physical limitations have long since spread from the place where they originated to other parts of the body. This is due to the fact that our body independently tries to prevent further pain through incorrect and relieving postures.

Pain is never only a local problem.

From the above, we have the following understanding of pain elimination: In order to be and remain truly healthy and pain-free in the long term, you should not only treat the musculoskeletal system, i.e. muscles bones and fascia. One of the pioneers and inventors of osteopathy says:
“When all systems in the body are well ordered, health reigns. Our three major body systems 1. musculoskeletal system 2. organ system 3. psyche must therefore not be considered separately from each other in the therapy of pain.“ This is exactly the reason why we have perfectly combined the full spectrum of therapy, sports, nutrition and relaxation in our reset program, thus influencing the entire body system in a healing process. The program proceeds in three phases. After a detailed medical diagnosis we know your actual condition and develop your personal healing plan tailored to your needs. This can always be divided into 3 rough phases. Phase 1 is always the acute pain relief. We will guide you through targeted therapeutic measures so that you can move again without pain and can cope with your everyday life without pain. In phase 2 you will begin your reset. We return your body to an original state of movement and health. In this step, we eliminate the cause of your pain and your body can return to full recovery. In Phase 3, we aim to stabilize your newly acquired body state, ensuring that you remain healthy and pain-free in the long term. Important health factors, such as reducing excess weight, building muscle and strength to stabilize the spine, and gaining basic endurance (conditioningq) are now tackled.

I promise you: Unfolding your full power!

Kevin Maglia

Osteopath and health expert

The 3 phases of the reset program for you in detail

Pain relief

Goal: Fast pain relief!

The first phase of our program is about relieving you of your pain as quickly as possible, or at least reducing it to a tolerable level. We will enable you to move without pain, thus laying the foundation for our second phase: the reset. In phase 1, all our activities are focused on treating the pain symptoms. For this purpose, we use therapeutic measures from physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic. The acute pain must first subside, otherwise movement is no fun. Phase 1 usually lasts 2 months. After that, you are ready for your new start or as we put it – your reset.




Goal: Long-term health and pain-free!

Reset – We tackle your new start togheter in a holistic way! Reset means to bring the body back to its original state of movement and health. In this phase we not only concentrate on the local pain symptoms, but look at the body as a system where all parts work togheter. Through the perfect combination of 4 modules (therapy , training, nutrition and relaxation), different experts from the respective fields work hand in hand with you to achieve a perfect result. The Reset is designed to eliminate the cause of your physical discomfort. It is important to understand that an illness or long-lasting pain always has systemic effects. Our health requires that our three major body systems function. These are 1. our musculoskeletal system 2. our organ system and 3. our psyche. Exactly these three systems are brought back into their natural functionality by the modules mentioned above, i.e. reset. Your postural weaknesses will be corrected, muscular imbalances will be eliminated and your body will be realigned. Your immune system will be strengthened, your cardiovascular system will be revitalized, your breathing will be improved. Lastly, we reduce your stress level. A psychologically overloaded body cannot heal.


In the following we explain the individual modules in more detail!

Sports and Prevention

Goal: Stay healthy!

If our reset has helped you to health and increased your quality of life so much that you can move again without pain, the strengthening of the musculature and the increase of your fitness begins. This is the best protection against renewed bad posture and prevents illnesses. This section is for all those who want to support their health, increase their fitness level or lose weight, also as a preventive measure.


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